Saturday, November 3, 2012

Around The Yard With Jack

There's a battle raging at my house, and it's Me vs. The Giant Oak trees. I realize that raking and bagging acorns and leaves is completely futile, but I'm not giving up. Jack has been very sick for a couple of weeks, so it was great to see him feeling better yesterday and it was great for me to get out of the house and work in the yard.

Who's sick? Not me!
I started in the front yard where there is a tiny magnolia tree growing beside of a much larger magnolia (definitely my favorite plants in my yard).
(Yes that is a Dunkin Donuts coffee growing on the left, aren't I lucky?!)
In the thousands of leaves in my front yard, this one stood out.
 It reminded me that being different is a pretty great way to be.
Any idea what this plant is? I haven't been able to figure it out, and now it is getting ready to sprout some flowers.
I found one of our adorable little birds in the yard and buried him here. I'm glad that my dogs are way too lazy to dig around. Rest well little buddy!
My neighbors have a beautiful persimmon fruit tree in their yard and he was nice enough to give me a couple. I have never eaten a persimmon so I am looking forward to trying these!
Here is just one of many giant trees that threatened to fall on our house during Hurricane Sandy. Thank you for not doing so.
Jack and I threw a watermelon under the bird feeders this summer, and guess what is starting to grow? Our own little watermelon November.

This tree is begging for some Charlie Brown christmas lights.

I'm so thankful that I grew up in the era before Ipads, computers, cell phones and texting and learned to love to work in the yard (and we also walked to and from school in the snow without shoes :-). No matter how many gadgets, inside toys or privileges Jackson has in his life, I hope he will always just prefer to be playing outside in the dirt!
...And sometimes when you are making cookies, it's best to just take the cookie beaters outside to share with Wrigley.
....And if Wrigley gets too close to stealing your snack, it's a good idea to run away!

If you find yourself, at the end of the day, with crazy hair and a dirty face, it's probably been
 A day worth remembering.

We've came a long way Buddy!

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  1. Ok, that was super presh!! Such cute pics of the jack-jack! And love the coffee cup that sprouted in your flower bed :)