Thursday, September 20, 2012

                            So what is this all about?

My love/hate relationship with home improvement began when the first home that I owned (now a rental property) was flooded by an exploding supply line to a toilet. On that glorious day, I discovered that I did not even know where the main water supply valve was. Ok, in the spirit of full disclosure, I didn't even know that a house had a main water supply line that could be turned on and off. So in a panic I called my sister and her super handy husband and they rushed to my aid at 5:30 a.m. to teach this gal how to turn off the water fall that was destroying my home. $8,000 of damage later and months of work, the house was transformed into a better version of its original self.

Moral of the story?

On that lovely day, I felt totally helpless and clueless what to do. Neither of which are feelings that are acceptable to me! How could a college graduate, a successful professional and a homeowner by the age of 25 NOT know something so simple? Well, I've discovered that it is not such an uncommon phenomenon. While we go to school to learn the classics or how to do statistical analysis on things that really don't matter at all in the real world, very few of us learn real life lessons that we will need to be a fully functioning adult who does not need to rely on a handy man for every little problem that comes along in a house. Do you know where your water main valve is located? Do you turn off your water when you leave the house for more than 24 hours? Do you know how to flip a switch in your breaker box? Can you fix a leaky faucet or a toilet that doesn't work? How about laying tiles, installing floors or properly installing closet brackets into wall studs? Well I didn't know how to do any of these things, but through lots of trial and error I have learned a great deal. In my new home remodelling project I've already had some failures, but I'm learning from them and trying to master my DIY skills.

So, on my page you can learn the basics of home ownership, tools and tricks on remodeling projects and I'll share a little about my circus of dogs and my super special kiddo along the way. All comments and questions are welcome. Thank you for reading!

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